Structure of the Programme Committee

The EGU Programme Committee (PC) has the following members:

  1. EGU PC Co-chairs;
  2. EGU President, EGU Vice-President, EGU General Secretary, EGU Treasurer, EGU Executive Secretary, EGU Events Co-ordinator;
  3. Copernicus Meetings Conference Managers;
  4. Programme Group (PG) chairs;
  5. PC Officers and Coordinators.

Each Programme Group (PG) includes the following:

  1. PG Chair;
  2. PG science officers;
  3. PG conveners, authors, and participants.

The PG chair is responsible for the organization of their PG programme at the General Assembly.

The Programme Committee members should comply to the EGU General Assembly rules of conduct.

This page contains information to help members of the EGU Programme Committee during the various stages of building the programme for the General Assembly.

Current/upcoming tasks

PCIII – presentation sequencing

Within the PCIII tool, PG chairs are asked to finalize the SOIII tool for their Programme Group. In particular, they should finalize the sessions that are still open and were not finalized by the conveners in guidelines for SOIII. They should follow the guidelines for SOIII that are presented in the convener guidelines.

Final check

Programme Group chairs should make sure that their programme is correctly scheduled, including division medal and award lectures, as well as Arne Richter outstanding ECS award lecture, when relevant. Each session block (oral, poster, and PICO blocks) needs at least two chairpersons assigned.

Letter of schedule

After all Programme Groups have finalized PCIII, Copernicus Meetings assign poster areas and generate the meeting programme, which includes all PG programmes. Once the programme is finalized, all abstracts receive their final scheduling and the authors are informed about the details of their presentation by a letter of schedule.

Before and at the conference, usage of the PG mail tool

PG chairs can communicate with conveners and authors of the sessions in their PG at all steps of session and programme organization, as well as during the General Assembly, through the PG mail tool. It is possible to contact:

  1. all conveners (including co-conveners) of all sessions or only conveners (including co-conveners) of selected sessions of your PG,
  2. all contact authors of all sessions of your PG,
  3. all authors (including contact and co-authors) of all sessions of your PG,
  4. all authors (including contact and co-authors) of ECS abstracts.

In order to contact authors of a specific session, it is necessary to log in to the session modification of the respective session.

Please ensure to use respectful and gender neutral language in all communications, and also encourage conveners to do so.

Also, note that the mail tool generates a no-reply email. If further contact is needed, it is necessary to clearly inform a relevant email address in the text of the message.

Previous tools/tasks

Building the session programme

Public call-for-session

Skeleton programme

Session programme finalization

PC support ranking (PCSR)

PCII – scheduling

PCI – abstract implementation & session tagging