Booth rental

The booth rental for the EGU General Assembly 2024 is done by completing the online booking form. Please log in (or create a Copernicus Office user account) below. You will first be asked to create a respective exhibitor profile. The form will also allow you to create multiple exhibitor profiles (e.g., if you book for more than one exhibitor).

Any organizations exempt from VAT according to EU VAT Council Directive 2006/112/EC, Article 151 are asked to reserve their preferred booth(s), and send us an email immediately after reservation before finalizing the booking process. Please send your email including your VAT Exemption Certificate and Copernicus Office user ID to We will take care of the necessary settings of your exhibitor profile that will allow you to finalize the online booking process as VAT-exempt organization.

We kindly inform you that all exhibition booths and displays have now been allocated. It is no longer possible to book a booth/display.

The different booth sizes and included services are as follows and prices vary according to the exhibitor's category. All booth rental prices are net:

  1. Microenterprises (ME): 10 employees or fewer;
  2. Small and medium enterprises (SME): 11 to 250 employees;
  3. Large enterprises (LE): more than 250 employees; and
  4. Not-for-profit organizations: learned societies, educational organizations and institutions, and (inter-)governmental organizations presenting themselves at the exhibition and not primarily commercial products. These corporations carry out activities for the benefit of the general public without shareholders and without a profit motive.
Booth Location Booth size Free registrations Not-for-profit ME SME LE
Small Entrance / Gallery 2 × 3 m 2 €3,300 €3,300 €4,300 €5,350
Medium Entrance 3 × 4 m 3 €6,500 €6,500 €8,400 €10,600
Display Hall X2 see description 2 €1,500
By renting a booth, exhibitors agree on the EGU24 exhibitor's terms & conditions.

How to reserve or book a booth

It is possible to reserve a booth for 24 hours. This is done through the online booking form.

  1. Please access the EGU General Assembly 2024 exhibition form with your Copernicus Office user ID and password.
  2. You will be asked to create an exhibitor profile if you have not created one yet. It is also possible to create several different exhibitor profiles.
  3. Select "rent a booth" and scroll down to the list of exhibition booths. The booths already booked are marked in red, and currently reserved booths are marked in yellow.
  4. Click on an available booth from the list, and the booth information will be displayed next to the list.
  5. Click the button "Reserve this booth": the booth number in the list will turn yellow, and the selected booth will appear on a separate line called "Booth reserved for 24 hours (fixed booking upon finalization of this form)". The reservation may be cancelled by clicking the recycle bin icon.
  6. Please remember that each exhibitor may only reserve or book up to three booths. The display booths are reserved for not-for-profit organizations only. Only one display booth can be reserved or booked.

Please note that you must not complete the booking form if you only plan to reserve a booth. After having reserved the booth as described above, you may simply log out and can access the booking form later (within the next 24 hours in order to confirm the booking).

Booth bookings must be paid either directly by credit card or by bank transfer within 14 days after receiving the invoice. Booth bookings with an unpaid invoice will be cancelled after 14 days.