What is Gather.Town?

EGU24's virtual oral and PICO sessions are run through Zoom meetings linked from the session programme, where you can also find all oral, poster, and PICO abstracts, session materials, OSPP voting, and other features. Virtual posters however need a different solution, and for this EGU is using the Gather.Town platform. Gather.Town is ideally suited to virtual poster sessions, in addition to provide virtual participants with a space for networking and opportunities to engage with other EGU24 content.

Gather.Town works as a spatial video conferencing tool. Every person has an avatar which you control using the keyboard arrows or WASD letter keys. Approaching other attendee avatars activates the video and audio functions which allow you to speak with other attendees. Moving away from them deactivates these functions. This works whether you approach individuals or groups, allowing for group interaction in so-called private areas.

Accessing EGU24 on Gather.Town

A paid conference registration for either virtual or on-site participation is required to access the EGU24 Gather space. Make sure that you login with your Copernicus Office user ID. A respective access button will appear here on Sunday, 14 April 2024.

Getting started

  • Gather.Town works best when using the Google Chrome or Firefox web browser on a desktop.
  • When accessing the EGU24 Gather.Town space, create your custom character or avatar, to represent you in Gather. You can also modify your already customized avatar later by clicking on your avatar's profile.
  • Give permission for Gather to use your microphone and camera in your browser, then select your camera, microphone, and speaker input/output.

Exploring and interacting in the EGU24 Gather space

  • Use the mouse scroll wheel or track pad (in a pinching motion) to zoom in or out of the space.
  • Use the arrow or WASD letter keys to walk around and explore. Your audio and video connects to others as you approach them and fades out when you walk away.
  • Press "x" to interact with glowing objects (e.g., to see the content at a virtual poster board).
  • Press "g" to walk through people and objects.
  • Press "z" to dance.
  • Turn audio on/off by clicking the microphone icon or by pressing CTRL/⌘ + Shift + A.
  • Turn video on/off by clicking the camera icon or by pressing CTRL/⌘ + Shift + V.
  • Screen sharing is possible by using the screen symbol in the control panel. Your shared screen can be seen by attendees standing next to you or everyone standing in the same private area.
  • Select someone's name in the participants list or right click on them to:
    • Text chat: you can send text messages in the chat panel.
    • Locate on map: follow the dynamic line to find them.
    • Follow: automatically locate someone and let them guide you.
    • Request to lead: ask permission to guide someone else.
  • Send emotes using the #1-6 keys or by selecting them in the control panel.