Information and booking

The booking of childcare service will start on 8 March 2024.

The EGU is committed to providing a good conference experience for attendees bringing their children to Vienna. In order to do this, we have formed a partnership with Flying Nanny, a service of the Vienna University Children's Office.

The EGU provides professional childcare facilities inside the conference centre free of charge. They are located on the Purple Level -2 (basement), in two adjacent areas across the entrance to Hall X1, tucked away from the commotion of the conference. Childcare must be booked in advance and only a limited number of places are available. The service will be provided from Monday to Friday, 08:30–12:30 and 14:00–18:00 (i.e. 2 time slots on each of the 5 days = 10 time slots in total).

Through the childcare registration form, you are able to book up to 5 out of the maximum 10 time slots. This limitation to 5 time slots is designed to allow as many parents as possible to make use of the childcare service. You can put yourself on a waiting list for further time slots should vacancies occur. When selecting your slots, please be aware that the childcare is separated by age, with the younger children (aged 1-2) in one area and the older children (aged 3-12) in another area.

In addition to free childcare, parents are advised that in 2024, EGU and Copernicus have introduced a new option for a waived registration that can be provided to one support person (additional parent or other carer) to assist with childcare of children under the age of 3 during the meeting. For more information, see the registration page.

The childcare service also includes occasional visits to the nearby playground in Donaupark (see map below). Through your booking, you agree to the terms and conditions below, including these visits.

Terms and conditions

  • You are aware that the childcare service will not provide food or drinks and that there is no possibility for a nap.
  • You respect the above-mentioned opening hours of the childcare service and ensure that you deliver and collect your child in a timely fashion (max 15 minutes before/after the official childcare hours).
  • You agree that the nannies can visit the playground with your child.
  • You only book time slots which are really needed, prioritizing presentation or session convener duties (due to high demand on the service).
  • You confirm that the details provided on the childcare booking form are all true and correct.
  • In case of illness or any other reason preventing you from using your booked time slots, you email immediately to inform us that you will not be able to use the slot. Other parents might be on the waiting list for affected time slots.
  • Should the nannies decide that your child is contagious or too ill to attend the childcare, you will accept this decision and promptly collect your child.
  • You will inform us by email if you will arrive later than your first time slot booked. Without notification, your entire booking will be cancelled and your time slots will be assigned to parents on the waiting list.
  • Duty of supervision: Flying Nanny, a service of the Vienna University Children's Office, as the provider of the childcare assumes the statutory duty of supervision for the duration of the childcare. Otherwise, the liability of Flying Nanny is limited to intent and gross negligence.

For more information about the EGU24 childcare service, or if you have additional questions not answered by the information here, please contact